Happy St Patrick’s Day to all my readers

It’s the seventeenth day of March so it must be the day we in Ireland usually get off Lent. Yup it is our island’s Patronal Festival. So what are we doing for it?
Well I’m off to St George’s for Matins and the Eucharist. Tomorrow they are hosting a service of Urnaí na Nóna with John Budd who I remember being curate assistant in the Parish of Kilconriola & Ballyclug when I was a small boy. I wonder did he speak Irish then.
Back to today, I’ll probably stay in the city centre to see what the Belfast parade is like. Though I won’t be taking my St Patrick’s Cross flag to wave at it. According to a senior PSNI officer this might not be a good idea.

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Location:Vicarage St,Belfast,United Kingdom

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