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Les Floyd has written a blog about Justice and Compassion mentioning in particular Charlie Gilmour and Gary MacKinnon. However, whilst talking about Charlie Gilmour, he mentions that Mr Gilmour (senior) wrote to his MP, and the MP in question, Francis Maude, was not minded to take a stance.

Les continues with,

MPs are not masters over their constituents… they are servants. They are voted for and elected by the people, to represent the people, and not just the people who voted for them, not just the people they agree with or like… but everyone in their constituency.

I am not so certain that that is actually the case. It is all a case of what the word ‘represent’ means.

The understanding that I have of the representation that MPs give is to be the one person elected by the people of a constituency to represent them in Parliament. I say to represent, to be the person that sits in the House of Commons, which as we know is only one part of the legislature (the others being the House of Lords and the Queen). Whilst they are elected to represent the people, I do not believe that they must take up every cause that is sent to them. They are not mandated to do so.

If every MP took up every case that was sent to him, it could be a very long time before every case was actually brought to any kind of conclusion.

It is important for our MPs to be allowed the freedom to choose between cases that they receive. Perhaps I am alone in the Party for thinking this, but it is how I have always thought – and indeed it is how I have found MPs when I have written to them.

We often say that we are the party of freedom, does that not extend to MPs?

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One thought on “representation in Parliament…

  1. It also raises the problem of how to cope when two constituents ask you to do two diametrically opposite actions…

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