Emma and John – two helped by Centrepoint… can you help more?

John was helped by Centrepoint - you can help others like him by sponsoring a room for £12 a month.

How many people are fortunate not to have become homeless due to the generosity of others? I am sure that it is many thousands. I know, from experience, what it is like to be in a city with nowhere to stay. Fortunately, I was helped by many that I had come to know in my time in Oxford. But others are not so lucky. They need the assistance of others. Browsing on the web today, I saw information about Centrepoint:

It’s hard to put into words what having a safe, warm room means to a young person who’s been homeless. So we thought we’d show you. Our new TV ad was shot in a real Centrepoint room, on the tiniest of budgets (it’s filmed entirely on Emma’s mobile phone).

John‘s room was the first place that he felt warm and safe, but a donation of £12 a month means more than just a room:

  • A warm, safe room that a homeless young person like John can call home for up to two years
  • Counselling and support to help someone like John overcome traumas from his past
  • Training and advice to help someone like John into college or employment to put his homeless days behind him
  • Essential life skills to help a young person like John live independently

Donate just 40p a day (£12 a month) to sponsor a room and you could help a homeless young person like John.

Words and pictures from Centrepoint.org.uk

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