LGBT Church of Ireland people have both good will and faith @downandromore @churchofireland #8aNoWay

It is energizing to think of the blessing which is possible in our communities if people of good will and faith work together creatively.

– Bishop Harold Miller, Bishop of Down & Dromore

I trust that the Lord Bishop of Down & Dromore will remember his own words when introducing the rather unfortunate motions before the General Synod of the Church of Ireland later today.

It would be great to believe that Bishop Miller will look forward to working creatively with the LGBT community not just in his diocese but across Ireland. From Down & Dromore there were six members of the Church of Ireland who signed the Open Letter to members of the General Synod regarding the motions before Synod later this afternoon. The LGBT people across Ireland who signed the letter as well as their supporters who signed the petition (currently at 117 signatures) have plenty of good will and plenty of faith.

Will Bishop Harold be willing to work with us?

It is hard to see how the Church of Ireland in general, and Bishop Miller in the more local instance will be able to work with the LGBT community if Resolution 8A is passed.

As one of the signatories who worships in Connor Diocese but is resident in Down & Dromore (the River Lagan is the divide for most if not all of the boundary) I am very proud to have been involved in trying to bring to His Lordship’s attention the great hurt that he and the Lord Archbishop of Dublin, Dr Michael Jackson will cause not only to the LGBT Communities across the island of Ireland, but to much of the wider public as well. I sincerely hope and pray that the members of the General Synod will see sense and refuse to hear or pass these motions.

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