Time for the cynics at General Synod

Rumours are abounding this morning following yesterday’s ruling that Motion 8A was ‘out of order’ at Church of Ireland General Synod in Dublin.

Having seen a rather large number of conservative members of the Church on the Enterprise train from Belfast, once in Dublin the news on the proverbial jungle drums is that all three of the motions that failed or were withdrawn yesterday are being grouped as one.

I cannot see how that changes the ruling that 8a is out of order. It is still hanging the doctrine of the Church and I’m trust that His Grace the Lord Primate of All Ireland will reject any such cynical attempt to retable the motions.

As Archbishop Harper is quoted as saying yesterday in today’s News Letter it is not

helpful to the synod to make these kind of adjustments on the move

I pray that the members of Synod will see through this attempt and, if allowed to vote to hear the consolidated motion, reject it.

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