2012 flame brings back memories of another…

I’ve not been that bothered about the Olympic Flame arriving until this evening. Then, sitting at Andrew’s desk  (mine is a bit buried at the moment) in our library, I heard the sound of an aeroplane overhead, looked out the window, grabbed the iPhone and took about 14 seconds of video of Firefly flying overhead. Firefly is the plane that is being used to transport the Olympic Flame when it cannot go by other means.

Being me, I tweeted about it – and it was picked up by the BBC News Live Feed…

Seeing the fuss being made of this flame, took me back to a day in 1985 when my family and I were taken to watch another flame arrive by aircraft in Northern Ireland. Now, I know 1985 is not an Olympic year. It’s not the Commonwealth Games either, so what was it?

It was the ‘flame of Guiding’ which was carried from London to Guide Companies across the UK. As I remember it, the flame arrived in the spring of 1985 in North Antrim Guide County at St Patrick’s Barracks, courtesy of a army helicopter. There were not that many of us who saw it arrive, but as the children of a Guider we were fortunate to be among that few. The ‘flame of Guiding’ started off in London with HRH The Princess Margaret who was the then President of the the Girl Guides and was transported to all arts and parts of the United Kingdom.

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