I am glad that Wesley Johnston has given some sensible observations about the introduction of the new bus lanes in Belfast city centre. Well done Wesley! Some sanity in the middle of hysterics from some.

Northern Ireland Roads

The media interest in the new bus lanes that have been introduced in Belfast over the past fortnight has been staggering, more than any other roads-related topic in recent years (other than parading on them of course). Today’s Belfast Telegraph headlined with the word “Chaos”, a reference to the Tuesday morning rush hour which was worse than has even become “usual” since the bus lanes came into force. BBC Radio Ulster has been discussing the subject with Wendy Austin, Seamus McKee and Stephen Nolan all devoting much heated air time to the subject. And today, both the Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy (who refused to say how he travelled to work) and the DRD’s head of sustainable transport Ciarán de Búrca (who uses the bus or walks to work) were on air defending the scheme, albeit against a large tide of anger.

Tempers are fraying, mostly amongst car drivers…

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