Team GB did it, then Hawes & Curtis, and now Labour…

Despite all the coverage of the Ulster Covenant this weekend, it seems that at least one British political party wants not to recognise the Irish in the Union Flag. They have fallen into a similar trap as Hawes & Curtis did (though they have rectified this).

The Union Flag has two red crosses in it – the Cross of St George (for England) and the Cross of St Patrick (Saltire) for Ireland (now N. Ireland). This is really not that difficult. However, as you can see in the photograph above, there is only one red cross in the Labour Party‘s version for their branding.

Perhaps this has a deeper meaning?

Have they forgotten about us here in Northern Ireland or is it that the party would rather that we were not part of the Union and so they are starting to erase us from the Flag?

Even if the answer is no to both these questions, to get the flag of the country wrong is really offensive. Perhaps, their designer was copying the ‘Team GB&NI’ teamwear?

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