A new era.

Some of my friends may have found that they have been a bit confused in recent days. I’ve been updating my Facebook presence and have taken the decision to deactivate one account and start afresh from another.

As I have said in the past, I have been on Facebook since it became available to the United Kingdom through the University of Oxford system and I believe those in Tabland could access it too. Since then, I had built up a huge number of ‘friends’ and whilst I had indeed met most of them, I was rarely in contact with them as it is difficult to keep track of the movements of over a thousand people.

I have, therefore, got a new Facebook account. Some people have been added as friends already. Others may only notice in due time that they are unable to message me quite as easily as before. All I ask is, if you want to add me on Facebook as a friend, please do so. But I am also available through traditional methods like email, letters, and the telephone.

Of course there are other social media outlets including Google+ and Twitter and you can find me there as well… You may even be able to find me in more than one place on these. For those interested in what projects and work I am involved with at present please click here.

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