The words in verse not in order you expect…

Last night at Compline in St George’s Parish Church, Belfast the text of the reading was from Hebrews 9.11–15. This evening, having found during my search last night for my Roman Breviary a copy of The Hymns from the New Testament, by John Metcalfe, I turned to the reference I read last night from the Revised English Bible. 

Not all of the verses are formed into an hymn, but those that were are thus:

Christ being come a great high priest
of good things that shall be,
by that more great and perfect place
wherein abide doth he;

Not made with hands, that is to say,
not of this building wrought;
and neither by the blood of goats
and calves which oft were brought.

But once into the holy place
by his own blood went he,
redemption having wrought for us
which shall eternal be.

Like much of Metcalfe’s verse it is not the most exciting turn of phrase, but it is nowhere near the the strange word order of the Scottish Psalter, see Psalm 122 vv 1-2:

I joyed when to the house of God,
Go up, they said to me.
Jerusalem, within thy gates
our feet shall standing be.

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