Celebrating our Saints: it’s one way of celebrating our European identity


We all know how much we in Ireland like to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, coming up soon is the Breton equivalent: Gouel Erwan, St Yves. Well this year, the Breton Association in Ireland has chosen to celebrate it in Belfast.

Breizh Eire, association des Bretons d’Irlande a choisi de faire cette année la Gouel Erwan à Belfast. Ca va donner ! Slante !

The event came to my attention this afternoon when there were two buskers in Castle Lane in Belfast city centre who were sounding distinctly rustic. Having passed them walking towards Waterstone’s I asked them on the way back what the instruments were, I was told that one was a bombarde and the other was a set of French bagpipes.

It is clear that despite the centralising of the European Union in political terms, on a cultural level there is much to celebrate more locally. The Celtic nations really go to town with music, dance, and language and I’m glad that the Breton Association in Ireland has brought their music to our city. Later on in the month, we will be buying from the Breton bakers at the Continental Market in the grounds of Belfast City Hall. Perhaps we should to think of Europe as being made up of many smaller regions that the current nation states? Perhaps then we could really come together and celebrate our diversity.

The evening on Friday is headlined by the group Sterne, and having listened to some of their music from their website it sounds like it is going to be a great evening.

Demat / Hello,
Come and join us on May 17th in McHugh’s basement for an amazing evening of traditional music and dance. Fest-noz band Sterne, coming all the way from Brittany (France) will be joined on stage by the best of local Irish musicians.
Doors open 6 pm – Join us then for some dance practice before things kick off!!!

Entrance: £5

Do not hesitate to contact us for more infos.

Kenavo, ar wech all!


You can sign up at their Facebook event here.

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