Do you wrap your children in a #safetysuit

However much you want to wrap your kids in cotton wool, as you can see in St John Ambulance’s new light-hearted film, Safety Suit, it simply isn’t a practical way to protect them.

Instead, this summer St John Ambulance is urging parents to learn first aid. Having these life saving skills gives you real peace of mind that if your child falls off a bike, or scrapes a knee, you’ll know what to do. It’s the best way to ensure you and your kids have a fun and carefree summer.

New research shows that almost all parents (98%) think that learning first aid is important, but in the last three years only 51% have done anything to actually learn these vital skills . St John Ambulance wants to change this.

Learning basic first aid is really easy. In the time that it takes you to do your weekly shop, you could learn the simple, practical techniques to enable you to save a life.

Further information about St John Ambulance can be found at

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