Fashion Conscious

As a Scout volunteer, I tend to agree with scoutmandan about the various versions of Scout-wear. Although I tend to wear Scout hoodies at any time, whether Scouting or not!

ScoutManDan's Blog

What happens if I extract a number of members of phylum Annelida from a metalliccan-of-worms[1]

That’s right, I post a blog about Uniforms and open a can of worms all over the place.

I have posted previously about smart uniforms for the right occasions and how I firmly believe that respect for others is not just how you feel, but how your actions make them feel. But I’d like to talk about the corollary of that today and talk about how uniform makes others feel in a non-formal setting. If you get hung up on always insisting things are pristine, I have some valuable advice.


Have some fun.

Scouting is about three core tenets: Everyday Adventure, Fun and Friendship and Having a positive impact. If we’re showing our young people as forever formal, always impeccably neat and rigid, we’re not showing the world the key thing about Scouting-…

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