Martyrology: March 4th

Saint Adrian and Companions
Martyrs; died c. 875

Adrian was a missionary, bishop on the Isle of May in the Firth of Forth who was martyered by the Danes, together with some fellow missionaries who were monks.

Saint Peter Pappacarbone
Bishop, OSB

He became a monk at Cava and later was sent to Cluny where he stayed six years. In 1079, he was made bishop of Policastro, but resigned and returned to Cava, to which abbacy he succeeded the following year.

Although at first his rule was too strict and he withdrew to another house, he was soon recalled and the abbey prospered exceedingly. When Saint Peter died in 1123, Cava numbered 29 abbeys, 90 priories, and over 340 cells.

Saint Casimir of Poland
Confessor; 1460–1483

He was the second son of King Casimir IV, who wished him to seize the crown of Hungary. The prince refused to employ force and was imprisoned by his father for three months. He devoted the rest of his life to prayer and study.

Saint Casimir is the patron saint of Poland and Lithuania.

And elsewhere many other holy Martyrs, Confessors and holy Virgins.

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