Martyrology: March 5th

Saint Theophilus
Bishop; died c. 195 at Cæsarea in Palestine

Saint Theophilus helped to persuade the various churches to adopt the same day on which to keep Easter.

Saint Piran
Confessor; died c. 480

A hermit near Padstow. He is venerated as the patron saint of miners.

Saint Gerasimus

A monk, first at Lycia, Asia Minor and afterwards in Palestince. Eventually he founded a laura on the banks of the Jordan which grew to be second only to that of Saint Sabas.

Saint Gerasimus died about 475.

Saint Virgilius

A monk of Lérins who was promoted to the see of Arles. At the request of Saint Gregory the Great he consecrated Saint Ausgustine as Bishop of Canterbury. Saint Virgilius died about 618.

And elsewhere many other holy Martyrs, Confessors, and holy Virgins.

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