Martyrology: 6th March

Sts Kyneburga, Kyneswide, and Tibba

Kyneburga and Kyneswide were the daughters of Penda of Mercia, famous for his fierce opposition to Christianity. Kyneburga became abbess of Castor in Northamptonshire and was succeeded by Kyneswide. Tibba was their cousin who joined them at the convent. They died about the year 680 and their relics were enshrined at Peterborough.

St Bilfrid
Hermit, OSB; 8th century

A monk of Lindisfarne and expert goldsmith who bound in gold the Linsisfarne Gospels.

St Chrodegang

He became bishop of Metz in 742 and played a major part in nearly all the important affairs of his time and took part in several councils. He wrote a Rule for Canons and introduced the Roman liturgy and chant into his diocese and thus into Northern Europe.

St Chrodegang died in 766.

St Colette
Virgin, Poor Clare; 1381–1447

Nicolette Boilet was a carpenter’s daughter. She tried her vocation with the Beguines and the Benedictines but failed. Next she became a recluse at Corbie and finally found her vocation in reviving the Franciscan spirit among the Poor Clares. St Colette was superioress of the whole order. She helped St Vincent Ferrer in the work of healing the papal schism.

And elsewhere may other holy Martyrs, Confessors, and holy Virgins.

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