Commonwealth War Graves Commission invites you to pay a tribute this Commonwealth Day

During both world wars, the men and women of the Commonwealth made the ultimate sacrifice.

This Commonwealth Day, Monday 8th March, take the opportunity to remember those who fought and died for peace across the world. Make your own act of remembrance by leaving a physical tribute at one of their cemeteries or memorials in your local area. 

The CWGC tribute will let you leave a personalised, environmentally friendly message at the headstone or memorial of someone you’d like to remember. 

It is 100% biodegradable and compostable and its design reflects the six Commonwealth member nations who fund our work.

Tributes can be purchased online and all profits will be donated to the Commonwealth War Graves Foundation.

Your tribute will help to fund education and outreach programmes to engage the public in the work of the CWGC and keep alive the stories of the men and women it commemorates.

If you’re unable to get to one of the CWGC cemeteries or memorials, you can still leave a digital tribute on their Wall of Remembrance.

You can submit a couple of lines of text, and a photo if you have one, to remember a loved one who fought during the world wars – or just to give thanks for everyone who fought for their country.

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