FLAGS camp at Dôlgam Photo: Michael Carchrie Campbell 2011

Snow, Sunshine, and Scouts: part 2 – FLAGS does Snowdon

The first FLAGS* outdoor weekend event was held in Snowdonia last weekend. Four members of FLAGS attended from Shropshire, Birmingham, and Northern Ireland. With the campsite at Dôlgam between Capel Curig and Betws-y-Coed on the A5 road, we woke up on Saturday morning to a great view of Snowdonia, which we were set to climb that day.

View from Snowdon, Photo: Eddie Hulme 2011
Ian looks out over the valleys below Snowdon.

We rose, pooled the resources for making breakfast and got going in Eddie’s car to Rhyd Ddu via Beddgelert. We climbed up the Rhyd Ddu path to the summit with lots of stunning views. Continue reading “Snow, Sunshine, and Scouts: part 2 – FLAGS does Snowdon”

Snow, Sunshine, and Scouts: part 1

Last weekend, I was away in Wales with Scouts. It was the first outdoor activity event run by FLAGS – Active Support Unit for Lesbians & Gays in Scouting which whilst not overly well attended, to put it mildly, did bring four of us together for some craic and some good exercise in Snowdonia. Being a Scouting event we were prepared for most eventualities.

I set off on foot to catch the bus to Belfast Central Station with Andrew. In the station, we waited until the barrier opened, I crossed beyond it, looked back – hoping to get a hug from him – but he was walking away… Turns out we were both nearly in tears: it was the first time we’ve been apart for quite some time, and certainly since our marriage just over a month previously.

The journey from Belfast to Dublin was uneventful, Continue reading “Snow, Sunshine, and Scouts: part 1”

Amongst the shouting – there were good things in that vote too

Shamed be he who thinks ill of it (shamed be w...
Her Majesty has more ministers responsible for Higher Education, than just those based in Whitehall. Image via Wikipedia

Motions inextricably linked

The debate on this motion in the House of Commons yesterday:

That the draft Higher Education (Basic Amount) (England) Regulations 2010, which were laid before this House on 29 November, be approved.

was inextricably linked to that on

That, for the purpose of section 24 of the Higher Education Act 2004, the higher amount should be increased to £9,000, and to £4,500 in the cases described in regulation 5 of the draft regulations in Command Paper Cm 7986, and that the increase should take effect from 1 September 2012.

However, whilst I do not agree with the trebling of fees for full-time undergraduates, as has been made clear in recent posts. As one who has been a part-time undergraduate the provisions on the inclusion of part-time students within the student loan system for the first time is one part of the Bill with which I can agree. Continue reading “Amongst the shouting – there were good things in that vote too”