RTÉ should not threaten the democracy of the State

There is to be a General Election to Dáil Éireann in Ireland on Saturday 8th February 2020. As part of the coverage for this, the national broadcaster RTÉ has decided to have a Leaders’ Debate. Sadly only two political party … Continue reading RTÉ should not threaten the democracy of the State

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We’re being left behind in Northern Ireland: why I am a proud Liberal Democrat

This afternoon we have seen the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill pass its third reading in the House of Commons. Many people start claiming that Equal Marriage is home and dry. This is quite far from the case. The Bill … Continue reading We’re being left behind in Northern Ireland: why I am a proud Liberal Democrat

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English education needed as @sinnfeinireland makes #typo on twitter

Okay everyone makes mistakes – but at least check the heading before posting to a website, especially when that appears to be directly linked to Twitter. http://twitter.com/#!/sinnfeinireland/status/189381399273414657 What is, of course, more amusing is that it is the Education spokesperson, Seán Crowe TD, making the comment. Perhaps Deputy Crowe could start ensuring the press team in Sinn Féin have improved their knowledge of the English language as well as the Irish. min·ster noun a church actually or originally connected with a monastic establishment. any large or important church, as a cathedral. (dictionary.com) I think we can safely say that those responsible meant Minister as is stated in the article itself. It really help to proofread something before sending – I know … Continue reading English education needed as @sinnfeinireland makes #typo on twitter

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We’re in a time warp: 1910, 2010, 2110?

Victoria Square, Belfast, 1910

A programme for the reform of the whole system is what is wanted. State built and State equipped school buildings in every district; management by a State department of Education… When a thorough system of secular education is advocated it is by many thought that religion is thereby endangered. This is not so. Religious instruction in schools is apt to be a mere routine which does not touch the finer feelings. Religious instruction in the schools has done much to destroy religious teaching in the home. The indifferent parent has satisfied his conscience by delegating some of his most important duties to the schoolmaster. In a country which has no State Church there is no State religion to be taught in the State Schools and it is the duty of the various religious denominations to see that their children get proper religious instruction without unnecessarily sacrificing their secular education and thereby providing third-rate education and routine religious instruction… Continue reading “We’re in a time warp: 1910, 2010, 2110?”

In Éirinn mar atá i Londain

In Ireland as in London

Dáil Éireann sits in this chamber in Leinster House.

For all that we have been reading about the vote in the House of Commons last night which has produced many column inches in the print media, and many many images and verbal pictures on websites around the world, we must remember that it is not just in the United Kingdom that politicians say one thing and do another. Continue reading “In Éirinn mar atá i Londain”