Lib Dems pledge to “keep Great Britain in Europe”. What about Northern Ireland?

Earlier this afternoon, I was encouraged by a friend on Facebook to visit Vote to Remain to pledge my vote to remain. Long term readers of this blog and of my other posts on other blogs will know of a long-running saga where the Liberal Democrats (a party to which I used to belong) keep forgetting about Northern Ireland.

I had hoped that by now Lib Dem HQ would know where Northern Ireland is. But apparently my post from November 2013 is still required.

It really is not that difficult.

On Thursday 23 June, the United Kingdom (and Gibraltar) is voting on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union. There is no option for you to say that you want “Great Britain” to remain. It is an all or nothing statement.

Although I do not live in the UK anymore, I will be crossing the land border between Ireland and Northern Ireland in order to cast my vote in the referendum. I will be voting to remain. I will be voting to keep the United Kingdom in Europe.

The history:

NI is now abroad? | August 2012

Insult to Injury | September 2010



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