It really would try the patience of a saint…

It’s has happened again. What? I hear you ask. Nothing simpler than another occasion in which those in Lib Dem HQ in London forget about us in Northern Ireland.

It is often said to me that the Lib Dems don’t make policy on issues affecting Northern Ireland only – that is on issues devolved to the Northern Ireland Assembly. Last time I looked, taxation was not one of them. It may be in the future, but at present it is not.

So why, does Tim Gordon’s great new website asking us what we would do with £60 extra in every month, not allow people from Northern Ireland to answer?The simple reason appears to be that Northern Ireland is not wanted. So, should I stop filling in the relevant forms as Treasurer of the Northern Ireland Local Party? Should I stop paying my membership subscription?

My answer back is that I will continue to pay my subs, I will continue to fight for the values that my party espouses, and I will continue to fight within the Party for Northern Ireland to be treated fairly. Even on the Federal Party website, if you type in a postcode from Northern Ireland on the ‘In your area‘ page, you get told

Sorry, we couldn’t find a constituency matching your postcode. Please email with your postcode and we’ll both fix this problem and let you know what the answer should be.

I have been promised by several high profile members of the Party that this will be looked into. Still it is there. I’m getting very very annoyed now.

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